Owen Seebold Under Armour All-American Lacrosse

On July 1st, 2017, Owen Seebold made a play on national television that left lacrosse fans around the country in awe. During the 2017 Under Armour All-American game, Seebold came down the right wing and ran over two players on his way to the goal. Seebold finished his dodge effortlessly with a nifty cross-handed shot that left his opposition helpless. During the game, Owen proved that he was one of the best players in his entire class, but just a few years earlier, he never would have thought all his success would be possible.

Seebold grew up in Dallas, Texas, a sports-crazed city known for its incredible football and basketball talent. His father, Bob Seebold, was a standout player for the Syracuse lacrosse team. Owen was introduced to lacrosse at an early age, an experience not many Texans usually get. “Playing lacrosse as my first sport is very rare for someone in Texas. Here, football is king, so playing lacrosse first was definitely an advantage.” His early exposure to the sport helped him develop his skills at a young age, and he quickly excelled in his lacrosse community.

Owen’s Lacrosse Head: Nike Lakota U 

When Seebold was a freshman in high school, he was relatively undersized compared to his peers. While his friends started committing to different big-time colleges, he was left with few Division 1 looks. Keeping his head up, Owen worked harder than ever before to prepare for his upcoming sophomore year. Since he couldn’t use his size to his advantage, he focused heavily on his stick skills and shooting. Many nights were spent in the backyard, practicing his dodges until they became perfect. Before and after practice, he would make sure to get in extra reps to improve his game.

After hitting a growth spurt the following summer, Seebold quickly saw the fruit of his labor and began to garner interest from more schools. He also earned a starting role on his varsity team, becoming one of the leading scorers in his first year of action. Since then, Seebold continued to improve, winning a state title and earning US Lacrosse All-American honors. As his high school career progressed, he developed into a leader on the team by pushing his teammates to work as hard as he did. “Every week, I would text my teammates to go out and shoot with me. I wouldn’t say I’m much of a vocal leader, but I definitely like to lead by example.”

Owen Seebold Highland Park

Seebold committed to his dream school, Syracuse, where he will get to wear #14, the number his father wore in college. Owen has the opportunity to leave his mark at an amazing lacrosse program and represent Texas lacrosse as a whole. He’s a quarterback-type player who resembles former Syracuse star Kevin Rice: smart, quick, and fundamental. In addition to turning the corner extremely well, Seebold has a college-ready vision that projects well at the next level. With proper training, Seebold could easily be one of the best players to ever come out of Texas.

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Owen’s lacrosse journey is a good lesson for younger players who might have a hard time being recruited. As an undersized player, Seebold understood his strengths and worked hard to eventually develop into one of the most dynamic players in his entire class. Even with all the success he had during high school, Owen has far greater goals. “I’m not one to sit back on my success. Although I’m humbled by what I’ve been able to achieve, I want to accomplish my real goal: being a great college lacrosse player.”

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